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Living Room Features

Preferences can vary, and individuals may prioritize different features based on their lifestyle and Budget. Additionally, local
building regulations may influence the design and amenities of houses

Size and Space
Comfortable seating with enough room to relax and entertainment.
Tiled or marble flooring is commonly used in living rooms. Wooden flooring or carpeting might also be found in some homes.
Painted or wallpapered walls are common. Some homes might have decorative wall panels or features.
Windows and Ventilation
Large windows or glass doors are often used to allow natural light into the living room. These may be adorned with curtains or blinds
Ceiling Design
Decorative ceiling designs, such as false ceilings with embedded lights, are common in modern homes
Entertainment Unit
A space for a television and entertainment unit is a common feature
Wiring for internet and tech devices.
Adequate lighting with stylish fixtures.


Amenities of a 5 or 10 marla Villa would depend on the budget, and personal


Built-in Appliances:


Energy Efficiency

Flooring and Finishes


Ventilation and Lighting

Fitness Center

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