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Amenities of a 5 or 10 marla Villa would depend on the budget, and personal


Built-in Appliances:


Energy Efficiency

Flooring and Finishes


Ventilation and Lighting

Fitness Center

Kitchen Features

Preferences can vary, and individuals may prioritize different features based on their lifestyle and Budget. Additionally, local
building regulations may influence the design and amenities of houses

Storage Solutions
Open-concept kitchens (integrating the kitchen with the dining or living areas).
Modern and functional cabinets with ample storage space for utensils, cookware, and groceries.
Durable Countertops
Easy-to-clean countertops, usually made of granite or similar materials
Adequate Lighting
Well-lit with a combination of natural and artificial lighting.
Good Ventilation
Windows or an exhaust system to keep the kitchen fresh.
Sinks and Faucets
Double sinks are common for washing and food preparation. High-quality faucets with hot and cold water options.
Water Filtration System
Provision for a water filtration system or a dedicated water dispenser for clean drinking water.
Color Scheme
Neutral or light colors for a clean and bright look, though individual preferences and trends can influence this.

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